Breakout (children and teenagers)


Breakout is the name for the group of children and teenagers that meet together during the church service, a form of Sunday School.

Who is involved?

Any children and teenagers from 0 to around 16 (although this is extremely flexible) who want to join us are most welcome. There is also a team of adult leaders, all of whom have completed an enhanced disclosure.  We also have a team of other adults who are there to help the leaders with the activity and also take care of the children whilst they are with Breakout.  These ‘safeguarders’ have also completed an enhanced disclosure.

What do you do?

There may be craft or music activities, activities looking at the life of Jesus, or other Bible-based activities.  Impact often looks at social justice issues, such as Amnesty International or fair trade. We use a Christian teaching resource called Roots which helps the leaders plan each week, although occasionally we do our own thing. We also plan and take part in church services, especially our annual nativity service.  We have also organised activities for the whole church as a way of fundraising for Friends of Goboti.

Away Weekend

For several years we had an away day in March, but we were having so much fun that since 2008 this has become an Away Weekend.  For most of Breakout (leaders included), it’s the highlight of the year!  It is for Breakout members age 7 and over.

Breakout at Innerwick 2011
Breakout members and leaders, away weekend at Innerwick, March 2011

Each year there is a theme.  In 2009 the theme was Around the World in 36 Hours.  The activities were all based around a variety of world issues which were then related back to Jesus’ teaching through appropriate parables.  The world issues we considered were:

  • Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
  • Water
  • Climate change
  • Child poverty

Throughout the two days we built wells, made paper bags, played a trading game and learned that sometimes life can be unfair to the most vulnerable people. We played games, walked in ‘gunge’, watched a movie and ate quite a lot!

In 2010 the theme was was God, Science and You. The key resources are available below. They were put together by Eric Smith from CEMC and are:

In 2011 the theme was The Bible.  We saw that the Bible is God’s story, its main character is Jesus, its main story-line is how God builds his Kingdom, and its main purpose is for God’s people to know him.  It was fun because there were many activities, including a treasure hunt, based on Jesus’s parables.

Nativity Play

For a number of years, one of the Sunday morning services during Advent featured a Nativity Play presented by Breakout. In 2011 the play was called “The Christmas Secret”.