Church Project 2024

What is Tiphereth ?

Tiphereth is a unique Edinburgh community. A place where people with learning disabilities, staff and volunteers work and grow together.

The members of the Tiphereth community have learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs.

Tiphereth’s three residential homes in Edinburgh are unique. Residents live with qualified care workers, and their families, so their houses become a real home. By providing rhythm, stability, and consistency, in a beautiful peaceful environment, residents are enabled to find direction in their lives. While being supported to gain skills and opportunities that fulfil their aspirations.

Tiphereth runs day service workshops. Most of their members join Tiphereth after leaving school. They work together on projects in gardening, landscaping, screen printing, woodwork, art and cookery.  This meaningful work increases their self-confidence. It develops their talents and gives them life-long skills.

One of our groups helps local community groups with conservation projects.

The charity also collects garden waste from local households and turns it into compost as well as supplying firewood.

The 'Solar Powered' Project !

Tiphereth has a long-standing environmental commitment. As part of this they want to install solar panels and a heat pump for one of their buildings.

This will reduce fuel bills, leaving more money to provide care for those they support.

Part of the plan is to use some of the power produced to fuel electric vehicles.

80% of the funding for this has been secured from Community Energy Scotland and we at CEMC are helping to raise the balance.

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