Young Church Breakout

Young Church Breakout will restart on Sunday, 31st October. All children and their families are warmly invited! This is a chance for children to play, sing, craft, pray and learn about God together during the Sunday service.

Children and adults all start the service together in the sanctuary, with the children and group leaders leaving to a separate room after the anthem. Activities will be suitable for young children (around 5 years) to older children (around 12 years). Parents/guardians are welcome to remain in the sanctuary for the duration of the service and pick up their children afterwards. Younger children are very welcome to join Young Church Breakout, too – it might be helpful for a parent to accompany them.

Initially, we’ll be offering Young Church Breakout sessions once a month – the next dates are 31st October, 28th November, 12th December, 23rd January.

On Sundays when there is no Young Church Breakout, families are still very welcome at CEMC. There’s a space at the back of the sanctuary with plenty of floor space where you might choose to sit and where a few children have been busy colouring and playing quietly in recent weeks. Unfortunately, we can’t provide any toys at the moment due to Covid, but you’re welcome to bring your own quiet toys. We’ll also provide an activity sheet and pens for children who can read every week – please sanitise after use. Please note that there won’t be anyone to supervise children on these Sundays and that children will remain the responsibility of their parents throughout the service. (While this might sound as if children had to be super quiet, please be assured that nobody will mind if that’s difficult for them – a lot of church members have remarked upon how wonderful it is to have the children back and as long as they’re not playing football in the church, the occasional noise won’t disturb anyone, but will just show us that our church is alive!)

Going forward and in the hope that families will be able to join us at Nicolson Square, we’re scaling down our online activities. From November onwards, we’ll email the families on our mailing list a short activity sheet every week (compiled by Roots) which children are invited to do at home or to print out and bring along to the Sunday service. We’ll also provide printed-out copies in the sanctuary.

To keep Young Church Breakout going and maybe offer sessions more frequently than once a month, we’re looking for volunteers to help with running sessions or safeguarding. You can volunteer as little or as often as you’d like, training will be given and you can really help shape CEMC’s offering for children. If you’re interested, please speak with Christina Dennis.

CEMC Children and Youth Ministry Team